Pac Man Coin ICO

What is PacManCoin ?

PacManCoin was founded in early 2018 by a group of friends in Japan. Japan being the birth place of the famous PacMan game, the group started the project to continue the legacy of Japanese commitment to offer something unique to the world. Even though gaming industry is all set to touch 120 billion dollar, the gaming enthusiasts are still deprived of having a single payment option and PacManCoin will serve this purpose.

PacManCoin strength is its ability to secure the transaction by implementing hybrid cryptography algorithms and ensuring lighting fast transfer of PacManCoin as it has incorporated Dash’s decentralized blockchain governance system. It offers great opportunities for users to mine (POW) as well as masternodes with 50% reward that is best in the world for any masternodes coin. PacManCoin demand will go tremendously high with time as it is going to be the first global currency for gaming industry.

ICO starts on 5th May 2018

PacMan Project
We all would probably agree that PacMan has been the world immensely popular game and it reminds everyone their childhood. The game was developed by Namco and first released in Japan in May 1980 and it was commonly played by 90% of children until 2010.
Our Objective
We at PacMan aim to create a self-sustainable community of digital game lovers and offer them a platform that can make every single digital game of the world available for them on a click of button. PacMan coin will be considered as a global currency to perform any trade in the gaming industry of size close of 130 billion US dollars.

With the emerging blockchain technologies taking over almost all of the obsolete systems and algorithms, another blockchain platform has surfaced for the gaming industry. PacManCoin (PMC).

What is PacManCoin? PacManCoin is the world’s first decentralized currency for gamers. Finally gamers will be able to buy and sell games instantly on a single platform. PMC’s goal for the decentralized society to create a community of gamers who can interact on a single platform.

At this time, there is no globally accepted currency for the gamer community. The PMC currency solves that problem. By Q3 of 2018, PMC will be the first cryptocurrency attempting to penetrate a 120 Billion Dollar industry! The implications of this market penetration are impeccable. Due to the prolific market conditions we are currently experiencing, it can be forecasted that PMC will reach twenty times its initial ICO value by the end of 2018. To summarize, the combination of the current market conditions and the untouched $120,000,000,000 gaming industry will skyrocket PMC’s value to a possible $100.

What makes PMC’s blockchain different than the others? It is secure, anonymous, lighting-quick transactions, and ASIC resistant. PMC uses an advanced cryptography technique and MasterNode to secure every transaction. All transactions are kept anonymous using darksend technology. The ASIC resistance comes from the NIST5 hashing algorithm. It is a far more efficient and fair mining that uses GPUs. Best of all, this blockchain never be compromised.

PacManCoin’s pre-ICO will go live on May 5th, 2018. PMC will open at $0.03 and then gradually increase in price. There is a minimum purchase of 50 PMC and a maximum of 10,000 PMC. The team will attempt to reach PMC to $20 by the time it reaches to exchanges such as CoinExchange, BitFex, and South Exchange.

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