Firetoken ICO

ICO Name: Firetoken

Ticker: FPWR

Wallet: ERC20 Token

official telegram:

official Website: 

Algorith: POS

ICO amount: 8,000,000
Total supply: 18,000,000

Roundup:This token has afee points that they are very excited to share as it’s reason for being;
1. A voting system
2. A staking system
3. A collective bargaining system

So 1 and 2 are normal and not that exiting and 3 just seems to be an extremely futile belief that they are going to control the market through their voting system. This seems really scummy in reality but more than that just a lie to itself. Take for example they have a vote go up, (you get more votes based on amount of tokens you have) to not sell unless price goes to $2 a token, a few whales push this vote and it’s agreed upon. Now say some bad news comes in and the coin is about to lose out for sure nothing can stop them from breaking their own vote and selling. This just is a foolhardy attempt to pretend the community of this token will make this token. It’s a standard proof of stake token but with a huge ico and a silly stake rate.

The stake rate is up to 36% a month by the way but adjust to fiat value, whatever that means.

Rating: 4/10