Altcoin Name: Verge

Ticker: XVG

Windows Wallet:

official telegram:

official discord:

Algorith: POW: Multiple – Scrypt, Myr-Groestl, Lyra2Rev2, Blake2s, x17

Wallet support : Windows (Tor also), OSX (Tor also), Linux Tor, Android Tor with IOS supposedly coming soon but we know what a pain Apple can be with their app store

Roundup: This coins seems to be a rebrand of a coin called Dogecoin Dark, a Dogecoin fork which doesn’t stand too much out of the pack. It seems to really push a privacy aspect but all it seems to really have is tor integration and I2P. They have two ledgers a public and private, which seems good for the Devs but it seems they forgot to use the private ledger when they sent 18 million coins for a ledger fee that ledger no longer charges. If this coin didn’t have these issues with the core team then it would be a pretty decent coin, unfortunately it seems to have a few issues it needs to work out.


Rating: 1/10 if corruption with Dev Staff is true, if not and it somehow a misunderstanding 5/10