Launched in April 2018, Toro is a MasterNode network with a diversified group of developers trying
to bring new ideas to the cryptocurrency world.

Our goal is to be a reliable and efficient platform that supports the MasterNode community.
Toro is for entertainment purposes as we have implemented technologies to allow for periodic coin giveaways
and are working to build out an interactive and fun community.
Our mission at ToroCoin is to fulfill the vision that cryptocurrencies promised
by implementing a platform that is versatile and can be used as a system within the entertainment industry.

WhitePaper Draft

ICO is currently on! Limit of 150 masternodes will be available.
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PreMine: 450000 (this will support 150 MN and also for rewards)
Staking Time: 8 hrs
Blocks 2-50 – 0 Coins
Blocks 50-1500 POW – 20 Coins
Blocks 1501-2500 POW – 5 Coins
POW ends after Block 2500 and we transition to POS / MN
SuperBlocks are randomized
MN Collateral 2500 TRO
MN Rewards Approx 26 Coins / Staking gets 2.6 + SuperBlock rewards where applicable

You can find ROI stats at

Windows and Linux

MN Guide-Windows GUI
MN Guide-Headless

We hit block 2500 in less than 2 days after launch thanks to everyone’s support!
Toro is now masternode only with higher rewards + SuperBlocks.
Join us and get your masternode while it’s hot!