Bitnodes pro

BitNodes Pro is a decentralized, secure, fast-connected masternode network with long-term goals. Our goal is to create a crypto-currency for people who love cryptography and who are available to everyone as a global payment platform for developers, investors and the general public, developing and implementing applications for mobile platforms.

BitNodes Pro is supported by a friendly, experienced and dedicated team and with great potential for growth in the future, we continue to innovate and strengthen our reputation to launch into the mainstream as the most reliable and exciting crypto-currency project on the market.

We allocate grants to the most interesting applications based on Blockchain technology. Please send your white papers, project overviews, business plans to

Official Website:


Coin Information:
Algorithm: X11
Symbol: XNODE
Block time: 120 seconds
Start Mining: Tuesday, 26-Jan-18 06:00:00 UTC
Recalculated difficulty: Every 24 h
Max coin available: 10 Millions
Transaction confirmation: 6 blocks
Mining maturation time: 25 blocks
P2P Port: 2632
RPC Port: 2832
Masternodes Creation: 10.000 XNODE
Masternodes Confirmations: 12 confirmations

More information about the network:
Instant X: Available (limit at 1000 XNODE)
DarkSend System: Available
Cycle of 21600 Blocks
Windows payments 25 Blocks
Progressive increase: every 21600 block (1 month)

Block division for POW:
First block -> 1 Million XNODE (The BitNodes investment fund for the development of blockchain applications and projects based on blockchain technology)
Each block -> 2 XNODE
Ater 21600 block progressive reduction in payment by 0.001 percent each cycle

Block division for POSe:
Generated rewards for masternodes: 75% of blocks


Block Explorers

Configuration Example (bitnodespro.conf)

Make sure you have the bitnodespro.conf in your data directory.
On Windows — C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\BitNodesPro\bitnodespro.conf
On Linux — /home//.bitnodespro/bitnodespro.conf
On MacOS — /Users//Library/Application Support/BitNodesPro/bitnodespro.conf

Сheck the following nodes in the file:

Technological information:
The masternodes are the main actors of the network, holding a constant amount of 1000 XNODE which enables them to claim a payment of interest for each block generated, the masternodes are randomly drawn so that each Masternodes has the same payment average. It is possible to see the winning masternodes by simply typing in the console “masternodes winners”, you will obtain a list of the XNODE addresses for future blocks.
The Masternodes also helps maintain a reliable and fast connection network worldwide.

Instant X:
You can send money between XNODE wallets faster thanks to the support of masternodes. Thus, the transaction verification will be faster, but is limited to about 1000 XNODEs. The transaction cost will be higher than a typical transaction to reward the masternodes that confirmed the transaction.

DarkSend and mixer:
DarkSend is a function that makes an anonymous part of your coins. Then the parts, anonymous, will be available only in DarkSend networks and can be exchanged between purses anonymously. Anonymization of a currency includes a variable cost depending on the volume to be processed and takes a long time.