About us/Contact

Monarch crypto was made to bring a fair opinion and information to the Cryptocurrency scene.

We all know the crpyto scene is full of unfaithful players and plenty of people with their own interest, I am trying to just be an honest person and keep greed out of the equation.

I have been involved with Crypto since 2011, I am a legendary Bitcointalk member, I have made around 100 transactions with crypto if not many more and have stopped a few scams myself.

I hate the over pollution of ICO’s but understand a record needs to be made of them along with altcoins which has led me to creating a database.

I love mining and have decided to eventually add an overall database showing historical and upcoming miners with links to reviews.

You can always contact me via email at Monarchcrypto@gmail.com and on twitter @monarchcryptos


Thanks so much!