Robinhood crypto adds Texas to Crypto trading rollout

Robinhood the fee free stock trading app has added Texas to their Crypto exchange.

Robinhood has continued to add more and more states with the latest being Texas. The great part about this is Robinhood is a mainstream stock trading app and it has had over a Million people signed up to be notified about trading crypto. This is bringing more and more users to the cryptoworld.
Now there are quite a few issues with Robinhood crypto and the biggest currently being that there is no crypto withdrawals. This has been said to be changing and withdrawals are coming but they definitely aren’t there. Robinhood also only currently supports Bitcoin and Ethereum.
A few other issues are out there this includes rollout times, each state is being rolled out one by one and it can take weeks before you can personally trade as they are still processing accounts. I have been pushing Robinhood and they have said this should be resolved in 3 to 4 weeks but that came and went and wasn’t the case. Hopefully soon everyone will be able to trade when their state gives the OK.



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