Japanese IT company GMO announces new Miner topping the S9

The Japanese company known as GMO has announced a new Bitcoin miner based on the 7nm process. (Bitmains S9 is based on a 16nm process) The smaller the nm usually leads to more power or efficiency allowed per chip and as manufacturers get more time with it they can usually gain better results on the same nm size with each iteration. We have seen this happen in the mining world with Bitmains Antminers and should expect this to carry on with GMO’s next iterations as well.

The specs are as follows: GMO B2

Hashrate: 24 Terahash/s

Power consumption: 1950w (81.25w per TH/S)

Cost: $1999

The specs of the Antminer S9 are as follows:

Hashrate: 14 TH/s

Power consumption: 1300w (92.85w per TH/s)

Cost: $837


The cost difference is the big issue between these two, with the GMO costing more than double the Antminer S9 while being a bit more efficient. The issue Bitmain is going to have is to whether they can hang with the Big Boys entering the space they have been king in for all this time. Samsung has started manufacturing Asic chips for other manufactures, GMO will definitely increase performance on 7nm process and other big players could enter. Bitmain may not be even able to get past the 16nm process as even massive companies like Intel have ran into issues when shrinking size over and over.

It seems we are going to see a couple of things happen with Bitmain

1. They’ll release an S 10 that has been under development and either beat or be equal to GMO.

2.They will continue with the S9 and focus on price.

3. They will continue using their majority of manufacturing power on altcoin miners.

Honestly I hope Bitmain gets pushed back and falls from their lead in the Sha-256 space, their CEO has shown his willingness to hurt Bitcoin for a profit and wanting to have some control in a coin.



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