How to fail at getting a sixxer for Bitcoin

So the recent prices got you depressed? Yeah well me the fuck too, so how do we handle this? Easy answer we handle it like all the men before us have, with straight up alcohol and how the hell are we going to pay for it? Obviously with our Bitcoin because we already traded in all the dirty dirty fiat we have buying those dips after dips.

It’s time to try and get some beer and forget about all those lows and hope when we wake up from our stupor that there is a hell of a rise!

Now I definitely am not the first to go ahead and try this as I can tell from even thinking about making attempt on google as you can see below

I mean yeah were not at Paypal or food stamps level but people definitely want to buy Beer with bitcoin, so lets go down this rabbit hole and see where it takes us.


The main issue for me is I am not willing to give a blood sample, piss in a cup, smack a midget and donate organs to prove my age to be verified to buy a sixxer of any shitbeer. The issue is Bitcoin or not the internet is a the wildwest of buying beer as in it sucks and you’ll likely die before you reach your goal. Buying beer online in the states at least is extremely limited and on a state by state limitation. So lets say you live in a state that allows beer to be bought online and shipped to you like i do, the always sunny Florida.


So I figured first things first lets start with , this site shows you all the places around you that have uploaded that they accept bitcoin at there stores.

So it seems like a lot and I am in a hotspot personally, but guess what no actual places that sell six packs are in my city on the map. So where do I go from here? Well the next place an online store in the states that accepts bitcoin.Well shit there is none. So my next step was to go ahead and try mainstream sites I know that accept bitcoin like and guess what they only sell beer accessories, fucking great.

Great time to try shitier site so to I go.

Annnd it’s essentially coinmap as well but just filtered to places that are beer and wine related, good news is if you’re into wine it looks like youryo set but that’s definitely not me, so where to next?

Well to Europe I go with the website:


and guess what,




So if you live in Europe you can spend 50 or so Euro to buy a pair of sixxers or if you live in the US you can go to this list of bars and pay $9 a beer and pray they accept lightning or call the fee a tip!

15 Places where you can buy beer with Bitcoins



Hopefully we all just wake up in an Elon Musk dream with our coin launching past the moon and not Bankwupt!


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