Coinbase adds Ethereum Classic

The massive US based exchange coinbase has gone ahead and announced that it is adding Ethereum Classic to it’s selection of cryptocurrencies available for trade. For those who aren’t aware of what Ethereum Classic is, it is a fork of Ethereum that happened when the very hyped DAO was hacked in the early days of Ethereum. The Ethereum devs decided to reverse the hack and ethereum Classic refuted this and forked with the hacked transactions in place. Ethereum Classic uses the same technology and mining algorithm as Ethereum but it is not Ethereum and cannot be used in locations where only Ethereum is accepted.

Coinbase hasn’t stated exactly when Ethereum Classic will go live for trading but has said it is in the final testing of technical intgration, they have said that they will announce a date when orders can be placed and when there is sufficient liquidity they will then turn trading on.

Coinbase has also announced that if you had Ethereum on GDAX during the hardfork of July 2016 and you never withdrew your ethereum classic you will receive ethereum classic trading credits. To be fair i was pretty surprised by that news.

It seems that Ethereum classic will gain a bit of a pump and an increase of users due to this, I personally don’t mind as I think this was more an internal play on coinbases part rather than anything else.










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