The New York Stock Exchange maybe working on a Bitcoin Exchange

The New York Times is reporting that the New York Stock Exchange’s Parent company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)  are planning on a Cryptocurrency exchange (which could definitely be only Bitcoin at the start).

This information comes from emails seen directly by the New York Times and 4 insiders who have requested to stay anonymous due to this being confidential.

We have seen Goldman Sachs recently annouced plans to open a Bitcoin “trading unit”, who knows what exactly that means.

It looks that this is set up to put actual bitcoins in buyers accounts at the end of the trade (which makes us assume they will have the ability to track and follow these coins on the block chain and allow withdraws). This is something that Robinhood has gotten a lot of attention for not allowing yet but is still getting the eye of standard stock investors.

We don’t know how this will effect regular exchanges that have already complied with regulation in the US but one must assume they would lose volume to this monster in waiting.

Now this is a big deal and it makes sense for all the big boys to keep Bitcoin low so they can gobble up as much as possible without showing some insider information or making the price jump. (Let’s not pretend ole Warren didn’t catch wind of this before the New York Times) I do honestly believe that the news we have heard from Gates, Warren and the baby brain man have all been fud as they have known about this and are gathering coins.

Let’s all hope this goes through as it is about as mainstream and game changing as we can get in the cryptocurrency world.


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