The LIT box, lightning made easy?

The LIT box is coming from the Vertcoin group but it benefits all lightning system coins, this includes Bitcoin, litecoin and vertcoin. The lit box is a full pruned node of Bitcoin, litecoin and Vertcoin, it runs tor and supports secure ssh.

It will work by plugging into your home network, you will load your private key (or generate new ones and send a specified amount for lightning transactions) it will be preconfigured and allow remote access to use and send a lightning transaction from anywhere using your phone.

There is also the planned implementation of atomic swaps with using a decentralized unmanned exchange. This means this will allow you to easily change Bitcoin to vertcoin or litecoin and vice versa without the worries of an exchange holding your coins.


The litbox is also expected to be supporting more upcoming lightning crypto currencies but it is unknown what it will take to be added to the box.

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