Staying safe while staying ahead

I am sure many of you dabble in Altcoins and if you do you know there is a huge advantage that comes from being one of the first to be on a new coin. This comes with some extreme security risk, verifying a new coins wallet and making sure it isn’t a tool to steal your other coins takes time, too much time.

So what can we do? I have a solution for this and it is an open source answer as well, Oracles Virtual Box, this will allow you to set up virtual machines and as many as you need. A virtual machine is it’s own entire system running virtually on your machine, anything that attacks that machine is kept on that machine. What that means is if you get a keylogger installed on a virtual machine it doesn’t effect the host computer only that virtual machine, this allows you to safely test wallets.

So let’s go through the steps:

1:You’ll want to download virtual box here –

2: You’ll want to get an iso of the operating system you plan to use. I always keep a Linux and windows iso on my machine in case the altcoin first build wallet is only for one or the other, you don’t want to miss out because you need to scramble for a windows iso or vice versa with Linux. I suggest Linux mint if you are a windows user for your flavor of Linux as it feels a bit like windows.

3. Run the virtual box and pick your build, i sughest prebuiding two machines ready to use, one of Linux and one of windows. Allocate as much specs as you want them to use when running, don’t be too stingy as this will cause them to be too slow when running.

4. Clone them before a wallet download, this let’s you have a prewallet build on hand so you’re ready for the next one.

5. When a new coin arrives log into the machine download the wallet there. Don’t delete the machine after use or you will lose your wallet data. You can allow a USB to access the machine and copy JUST the wallet data for backups, don’t bring this onto the host machine, I would suggest using a fresh Google drive for these to be even more safe and don’t access them on any main machine.

6. Be carefree now! You don’t have to worry about sneaky wallets and bad devs you should be safe!

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