Scammers pretend to be Bitmain, calling customers offering Antminer S11

It looks like the mining company Bitmain is having a bit of trouble, a group of users have been reporting calls pretending to be Bitmain offering the Antminer S11. A large part of the issue is that the scammers are spoofing their number to make it look like it is Bitmains Chinese support phone number and a Google search would show that.

This has caused Bitmain to post a blog post as well as send out an email to all of their customers. This email briefly details a few things, there is NO antminer S11 yet and the rumor has been around for months and that they will never try to sell you anything by phone.

Now what Bitmain has suspiciously left off is how these scammers got a list of Bitmain customers phone numbers. Now you might be coming to a few conclusions yourself but it is extremely common for companies to sell customer data and I expect that is exactly the case here. Bitmain has probably sold this data to so many entities that they are unable to know who is doing this but that’s all just a theory a crypto theory.

Please see the exact email below:

Dear subscriber,

We have recently learned that someone has been calling Bitmain customers. The phone number appears to be our customer service number in China. The caller claims to be offering an “S11” miner. Rumors of a Bitmain S11 miner have been going around the internet for several months.  Bitmain does not offer an “S11” miner and has made no announcement of such a miner.

Please be advised that Bitmain never contacts customers by telephone to announce new products.

For more detail please see this article:

For official updates and Bitmain news please follow our blog:

For information on our products please refer to our official website or Twitter account. You may also subscribe to email announcements.

We continually monitor our system to ensure the security of customer information. Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards

The Bitmain team

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