Gemini announces Worlds first fully licensed Zcash exchange

Gemini is a United States based Crypto exchange that is ran by the Winklevoss twins (you may know them as the Facebook twins). Gemini is a fully insured and compliant exchange that follows all the Government mandates.

Today they announced they are going to be the worlds first Zcash exchange and will be bringing trading to their platform. Zcash trading is currently set to allow deposits on Saturday May 19th at 9:30 eastern time. Zcash trading is set to launch on Tuesday May 22nd at 9:30 eastern time as well.

This is a huge step forward with keeping anonymous coins in good favor with government regulators by showing real world use by partners who follow regulations.

Certain countries such as Japan are currently pushing for exchanges to drop anonymous focused coins like Zcash but with this push it looks like a step in the right direction to keep Zcash and other anonymous coins in a good light.

Now be aware Gemini reports the trading and taxes will need to be paid on these trades regardless of it being an anonymous coin or not.



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