Erik Voorhees is selling but how does he have it?

Erik Voorhees the CEO of shapeshift is selling the domain

Now you may ask how does he have the domain, did he buy it from a third party or did he register it himself and if he did how did he get so quick on the draw to get it?

Well first we know a bit Erik and his companies in the past which include Satoshi dice, we also know that he was a big name in the cryptocurrency scene by the time Ethereum was launching their ICO.

The question was and is how did he find out? Did he get a preannouncement offering or did he get wind of it before the announcement allowing him to get such a quick draw on the domain.

The whois lookup shows it was registered the day before the Bitcoin talk announcement, now why would Erik be able to get this? Are we entering a world of oligarchy in Crypto currency where high ups have first notice of coins and options to invest while the majority has to get seconds? What if people like Roger Ver continue to get information on Altcoins before everyone else and continue to make massive profits off those or use them to manipulate information? This isn’t good.

I don’t blame Erik at all for but I don’t like the signs this shows but unfortunately this seems to be the way of business.

What other domains do high ups have that we couldn’t image, what’s next?

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