Bitcoin USD price, and those who fear it

Bitcoin has been having a bit of trouble breaking the $10,000 barrier and staying over it, people are starting to panic and questioning if this is the end of the “bull run”.

I think people must be either over focusing on the charts and graphs or they have an extremely small memory, we just had this very same issue with breaking $9,000.

We went up and we went back down, we had quite the movement but it wasn’t an issue and it continued on it’s way up, this is really to be expected with Bitcoin.

There is something more concerning though as Bitcoin came closer and closer to the $10,000 mark a lot of high profile people came out and rallied against it. This may make me sound very much like a conspiracy theorist but I believe this was to protect their holdings. Buffet has tons of stock in the financial world and so does bill gates, they both lose big in a huge number of companies if Bitcoin changes the world and the last time Bitcoin hit $10k it went wild, I think there is a fear 10k will make the market go wild again.

If you want a too long didn’t read here you go,

Bitcoin is just testing the 10k waters and did the same at 9k.

Big players are fearful of Bitcoin blasting off at 10k again and coming out against it.

We are holding strong in price.



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