stops labeling Bitcoin cash as “Bitcoin” has reverted their coin listing of Bitcoin Cash as “Bitcoin” as most believe this has been reverted due to the planning of a lawsuit by a group in the Bitcoin community.

Now if you don’t know what Bitcoin Cash is it is a forked version of Bitcoin that allows more transactions every 10 minutes, it is not true Bitcoin and carries it’s own valued price and carries it’s own vulnerabilities and negatives.

I do not agree it is in fear the lawsuit by the Bitcoin community but it is due to the lawsuit threat by the process of waking his legal team who paniced when they saw what Roger Ver was doing on If anyone has dealt with lawyers they will know that they start to have freakouts and usually with sit on the side of caution, I am sure when this was brought to Rogers legal team they saw the news Headlines when a price jump comes to true Bitcoin and someone tries to sell their Bitcoin cash and can’t and brings Rogers company to court.

Cheers to those who started the idea of a lawsuit although I think you didn’t scare Roger Ver directly into reverting his websites labeling but definitely led him down that path with legal.


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