Roger Ver, the thorn in Bitcoins side

Now I am not sure you all know who Roger Ver is but you have definitely been affected by him if you are involved in Bitcoin.

Roger Very has always been a very bold person and this has led him to trouble and what one could say glory. From owning businesses to a short prison time of 10 months for selling fireworks, Roger has been a man of action.

This is how Roger became big in crypto, as a man of action he invested heavily and early in Bitcoins life but not through the standard way of buying and holding coins but in strong Bitcoin related companies. The first company was Charlie Shrems Bitinstant after that he invested over a million dollars into a multitude of companies including, bitpay, kraken, and ripple. You can see how this made Roger an outrageous amount of funds, Rogers ambition didn’t end there in 2014 he aquired

Now many of us in the community thought nothing of rather than a move to help increase the value of the wealth he had in Bitcoin but we were wrong.

Roger had a very different idea and that was to fork Bitcoin into Bitcoin cash, the idea of this was a version of Bitcoin with no block limit that can handle an extremely high number of transactions. But what would be the point of this? He essentially was planning to double his money, he knew the real Bitcoin wouldn’t disappear but if he was able to make a Bitcoin Cash token worth anything more than pocket change was instantly making a ton and becoming the Celebrity creator that he could never be of true Bitcoin.

Through manipulation, spam attacks and misinformation Roger had certainly caused a lot of fear in the Bitcoin community who was in the middle of Block debates and started to build a group of followers that believed Bitcoin cash was the true bitcoin.

Now how could that possibly be? Bitcoin cash was obviously a fork it wasn’t Bitcoin. Through manipulation of his fans and followers he led this story that Bitcoin Cash was following Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision and was what needed to happen. (Satoshi Nakamoto is the unknown creator of Bitcoin) This didn’t really work much but with Roger owning he has started to try and spread this to unknowning new users.

Roger has now decided to openly lie on his website, now states Bitcoin Cash as “Bitcoin” and the original Bitcoin as “Bitcoin Core” this tricks people into downloading an incorrect wallet and buying incorrect coins off an exchange through the links on this site.

This isn’t just a misinformation campaign now, it is a scam played upon new users. Roger has lost and his fork crashes he loses value and tries underhanded tricks to bring it up.

Today we have seen Roger having others in the community taking a stand against him, here is a post from Erik Voorhees today.

Roger – please stop referencing me to back up your opinion that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. It isn’t. Bitcoin is the chain originating from the genesis block with the highest accumulated proof of work. The Bitcoin Cash fork failed to gain majority, thus it is not Bitcoin.

We can see the cash fork is desperate, the community is desperate, they see Bitcoin striving and are begging to switch places, fortunately that seems to not be happening.


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