Cambridge Analytica was going to join the Altcoins world

Cambridge Analytica has been all over the news in the last month and has even lead to ole zuckerbot v1.3 to be put in front of Congress to try and pass the Turing test. If you are somehow unfamiliar with Cambridge Analytica they are the company that used Facebook to harvest data. They went through goofey quizzes like which dog are you but didn’t just get your answers about your favorite biscuits but the taking of the quiz allowed them access to all of your like history and post, this seems to not have been the big issue but that they were able to harvest all the data of your friends as we even though they consented to nothing.

This led them to having some really really powerful information through the raw data they had and the algorithms they were able to tell what kind of person you were by what pages you liked, they were able to tell what you might naturally be more willing to agree with or fear. This led to the selling of data for political purposes but it looks like they had a much, much larger plan.

Analytica coin, that’s what I’m going to call it as I am sure it would have had a similar moniker, this is the cryptocurrency Cambridge Analytica was going to create. But why would a data company need a cryptocurrency, my theory is they were going to push to make a fully automatic marketplace through a wallet that allowed the buying and selling of data they have gathered. This would have allowed even mom and pop shops to be able to tell what the people in their neighborhood were fans of, and what they are fearful of. This would allow the neighborhood tool shop to start pushing iodine and prebuilt nuclear survival kits. I Invision it as a fork of NXT which has a marketplace built it and probably some way of “mining” the coin via scanning pages or answering quizes and things like that.

It looks like this has all been stopped by the constant flow of news and Cambridge Analytica being under the most powerful microscope the media has. Keep vigilant though, Cambridge Analytica was just one of many and are the current scapegoat, this datacoin will be created as well, be prepared for it, we are in a world of large data and it’s powerful.



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