Altcoin Verge seems to be in some trouble

The altcoin Verge has claimed to have gone ahead and send a bunch of funds over to pay for Ledger implementation. Ledger is a great hardware wallet that allows altcoins to be implemented for a fee from the developer or a crowd source, this is all great but here is the thing, Ledger stopped charging for integration.

So what gives?

Well, it looks like the someone over at the Verge group thought this would be an excellent way to go ahead and steal some money.

Verge used to be Dogecoin Dark before it went ahead and rebranded itself, with all of this a large “community funds” wallet was setup, this has had quite a bit of coin in it, 18,000,000 which has been moved.

Yeah that’s right 18 million of this coin has been moved and it looks like it was moved to an exchange, mostly Binance.

Now I have been in the crypto world since early 2011 and if I have learned anything is that people aren’t always so good. I have no doubt that the reason 18 million coins were sold off on exchanges and explained off as paying for ledger implementation was because it seemed like an easy move. Truth is the most obvious one here, it was stolen. Ledgers CTO has already come out and said they have no support for Verge and those in the community are saying that contacting ledger will lower their chances. This obviously smells of scams and bad news, a company that is working on introducing support for a coin doesn’t get mad about inquires to said coin, if they are working on it they have their customer service happily say it’s on its way (this sells more of their devices). The community is obviously be tainted by those trying to pull this scam off still and want to stifle all talks about it and I am sure they will go ahead and blame those in the community for “a loss of funds” when ledger doesn’t implement it (because they were never formally contacted and set to do so).

If you are a big supporter of Verge all I can say is watch out, Altcoins can carry trouble and the community loves to try and force loyalty.


Pay attention and see what is in front of you.


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